Women Who Do Not Fail

In this week leading up to Mother’s Day, I thought it would be nice to spend a little time each day, sharing thoughts with you about the dignity and value of motherhood. Also because of Mother’s Day upcoming, I have been doing a number of radio interviews in the past week, and continuing this week. Because I have been talking intensely about this subject multiple times a day, I feel like I might discuss the “dignity and value of motherhood” in my sleep. But I don’t want these powerful words and ideas to lose their meaning for me.

And that’s where Ven. Archbishop Fulton Sheen comes in. I watched the first part of his talk “Women Who Do Not Fail” this morning, and his fresh perspective did not fail to remind me of the important contributions women are called to make in this world — and how hungry our world is for authentic femininity. The video is only 10 minutes, and is definitely worth watching yourself:

Here is what I think is the money quote:

Every woman in the world was made to be a mother either physically or spiritually. Here we are not talking of physical motherhood, we are speaking of spiritual motherhood. A women in professional life is happy when she has the occasion to be feminine. The man is the guardian of nature, but the woman is the custodian of life. Therefore in whatever she does, she must have some occasion to be kind and merciful to others … The women who does not fail in the professional life, is the woman, therefore, who manifests this feminine quality that we call equity.

Yes, please! I especially love how in this talk Sheen affirms women in the workplace as the “custodians of life.” There is nothing “un-feminine” about women in the working world, there is nothing that necessarily “hardens” women who work outside the home, unless they choose to forfeit their feminine selves. Our modern homes, communities, and workplaces need motherhood — both physical and spiritual motherhood — even more today than they did in Sheen’s lifetime.

Thanks be to God for mothers! What are you doing today to share the gift of your motherhood with the world?

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Danielle Bean

Danielle Bean, mother of eight, is editor-in-chief of Catholic Digest and Faith & Family. She is also author of My Cup of Tea: Musings of a Catholic Mom, Mom to Mom, Day to Day: Advice and Support for Catholic Living and (with Elizabeth Foss) Small Steps for Catholic Moms: Think. Pray. Act. Every Day

  • http://ascensionpress.com/ Sarah Christmyer

    Fabulous post, Danielle – thanks for sharing it

  • Claire

    I really appreciate this topic. Mother’s Day was always a hard day for me when I was single and then when I was struggling with infertility and miscarriages. And then when I finally had a baby (through adoption), the expectations, stemming from a long history of painful Mother’s Days, set me up for disappointment. I like your attitude that all women are mothers to some degree, and no one should feel like a failure on Mother’s Day. I plan to spread the word about this one!