How did you meet your husband?

Well, here’s a romantic proposal story.

Whenever these kinds of stories make the news, I have to recall the post Ann Voskamp wrote a while ago, about boring proposals, “boring men,” and the women who love them.

I think there are good things to be said about both kinds of proposals, as both are reflective of individuals’ personalities and preferences. What makes one woman swoon will leave another woman cold. What inspires one man to heights of passion will feel awkward and phony to another.

One of my favorite questions to ask married people when I am getting to know them is “How did you meet your spouse?” The variations on the familiar tale of “falling in love” are inspiring to me, and endlessly entertaining. So let’s share some romance today — or some boring tales jam-packed with passionate perseverance. How did you meet your husband and how did he propose?

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Danielle Bean

Danielle Bean, mother of eight, is editor-in-chief of Catholic Digest and Faith & Family. She is also author of My Cup of Tea: Musings of a Catholic Mom, Mom to Mom, Day to Day: Advice and Support for Catholic Living and (with Elizabeth Foss) Small Steps for Catholic Moms: Think. Pray. Act. Every Day

  • Kristen

    I met my husband from a wrong number phone call. Seriously. I was in college and dating someone else who let’s just say was not the right one. He used to call late at night, so I would always answer the phone. The guy on the phone thought I was someone he was dating. Normally I would have told him, “you have the wrong number” and hung up but for whatever reason I hung on the phone and kept talking to him. After an hour he asked, “who is this?” suddenly realized he wasn’t talking to the girl he thought he was. We talked for another hour and at the end he said, “well, I can’t keep hitting re-dial” so I gave him my number. Two months later we met face to face for the first time, that was just over 15 years ago, we’ve been married for 11 of those.

    • Claire

      Oh my gosh, that phone call incident is too funny! I can tell I’m going to have a lot of fun today, reading people’s stories!

    • Danielle Bean

      That is an amazing story. Wow!

  • Sharon Riel

    My husband and I both went to the same university, but that’s not where we met. We met at the grocery store where we both worked. I actually didn’t like him at first! LOL! In our very first conversation, I swore at him! He was supposed to relieve me, I had a wedding to get to, and he had checked his lottery ticket before his shift and had won $5000! So he was walking around the store, telling all his buddies in the various departments and finally showed up at my till 15 minutes late. He said “I won $5000 in the lottery! I said “Congratu-****ing-lations, I’m late for a wedding, ***hole!” NOT the best start to a relationship! LOL! But we became part of the same group of friends, and were good friends by the time I asked him out (yes, you read that right) and by the time we had been actually dating for 5 days, we were making wedding plans. Yes, 5. Yes, days. He “officially” proposed by singing me a song he wrote, at a coffee house, which contained the lyric “Will you be my wife?” but I knew it was coming and we had shopped together for the ring in his pocket! We will celebrate 22 years this coming October. :)

    • Claire

      That’s an awesome story, Sharon!

    • Danielle Bean

      That is hilarious. I love it!

    • Bea

      So great to hear that you were completely yourself…and that is who he fell in love with ;-) and sounds like you both still are very much in love.

  • Claire

    My husband and I met later in life, through church. My favorite priest, who was the associate pastor at my parish in the town I still live in (he actually left the parish two months after I moved here, but he made a huge impression!) was doing a charismatic Mass at a neighboring parish. I had the night off from work, so I decided to go. A man a the Mass introduced himself to me and invited me to attend the charismatic prayer group and Saturday night charismatic Mass in his parish, which was a little further away. So I started attending both, and met my husband a few months later. We were friends for a few months, dated for 6 months, and then were engaged for another 6 months before we got married. My husband did not have a lot of money, and when we talked about marriage, I made it clear that I did not believe in going into debt for an engagement ring, and that I didn’t think engagement rings were essential elements of an engagement or marriage. On my birthday, when we had only been dating for two months, he got down on one knee and started fashioning a ring out of tin foil. He then proposed. I told him that I would always treasure the ring (and I do; it’s in a scrapbook!), but that I thought it was too soon to get engaged. I asked him if we could revisit it in a few months. 3 months later we made our engagement official.

  • Hannah

    First day of law school – allegedly. Alphabetically, we always ended up sitting near each other. I remember him coming in to class “just in time” for Propery Law and playing old school computer games during Civil Procedure. We met met when we both decided to do a study abroad…

  • rcordesy

    I first saw my husband on a Youth Group church outing, and he was being chased by a bunch of girls! (I was only just out of 8th grade, and he’s 3 years older than me ;) We did get to know each other on various Church functions after that and I asked him to my Sadie Hawkins Dance, my Senior Year. As he was the Youth Director by then and knew our priests well, while in the office one day, he was asked by one of them when he was going to marry me. My husband answered that he didn’t know and then the priest opened the Office Planner and suggested a date just 5 weeks away…as it was ‘open’! Our priest then said he’d “just pencil it in”. Well, my husband came over and said, “I set the date!” I asked, “What date?” …Needless to say, after giving my mother a near heart attack, we were married on that ‘penciled-in’ date!! We’ve been blessed with 11 children and will celebrate our 34th anniversary this August…And as a side-note, my husband (not being much of a planner), forgot to pack the FOOD for our Back-packing Yosemite Honeymoon!!! Good thing he was a great fisherman and I like trout ;)

  • Erin

    We met as plebes at the Naval Academy. He liked me from day 1, but I thought he was too dorky. His patience paid off around the end of our junior year and we both had to call home and cancel our dates to the big Ring Dance (who were ready to buy plane tickets – it’s a big event). Over the summer before senior year, we backpacked through Europe together, and there was much talking about what we wanted in life, and we actually named some of our first kids (2 girls names, 2 boys names- we joked we were covered if we had twins). We pretty much decided for sure we wanted to get married during a long conversation at the Catholic Club retreat that fall, but it was a month before he officially proposed with a ring at the restaurant where we had our first date back in April. Our wedding was about 6 weeks after graduation, almost 4 years to the day after we first met. 11 months later we used both of those boys’ names. Patrick James and Samuel Robert just turned 13 last week. They have 3 younger siblings now, and Dad is still in the navy. Mom left the navy as a very pregnant Lieutenant once her commitment was up.

  • Erin

    I also wanted to put out the cute story about my in-laws. FIL was a young navy pilot on temporary duty, and MIL was a college student whose apartment was right next to the soda machine in their apartment complex. He bought a lot of sodas that summer trying to bump into her :o)

  • Rachel Larpenteur

    Back in my single days, I played a lot of ultimate frisbee and loved to toss the frisbee around. I lived in a house full of single Catholic girls and just down the block there was also a house full of single Catholic guys. The girls would occasionally come out and play frisbee at the park across the street, but it was a lot more effective to recruit from the guys house. After several episodes of this, the guys who often came out to play brought along their roommate – that’s how I met my husband. We were frisbee friends that whole summer, but didn’t begin dating till Thanksgiving time. Then we dated a year and were engaged for 7 months. Since frisbee was one of my very favorite activities in high school, college, and the following years till marriage (and pregnancy – too hard to play much pregnant or with babes), it’s fun that I met him playing! And, man, does he have a good long throw!

  • Ellen Wood

    My husband was dating (or trying to keep dating) my roommate when I began my sophomore year at college. They had dated the previous year and drifted apart over the summer, and she was ready to move on. During an argument, she flippantly told him to ask me out instead, so he did. I thought we were just going out as friends, and it didn’t occur to me until halfway through dinner at a nice restaurant (too nice for a college-student budget!) that I was on a date. I even met his mom that night! He proposed six months later, we had a long engagement (4 years) and will be married for twelve years this August. I remember our Pre-Cana starting at the Newman Center on campus and talking about our future family. We picked out our son’s name 10 years before he was born. I still get a flutter in my stomach when I see him across a room. :)

  • Kate33

    I dated one of his best friends which is how we initially met. I don’t remember meeting him at all but he remembers meeting me (we were at alot of party where I met ALOT of new people). It was 3 years later before we went on a date and the rest is history! I guess it was one of those man code things that since his best friend had dated me he couldn’t date me. Probably for the best, I probably needed that 3 years to get to a settling down point in my life.

    He proposed by cooking me my favorite meal in his house which would become our house. He said, “I had a whole bunch of mushy stuff I was going to say but I am going to skip that and just say, will you marry me?” I probably ruined it a little because I yelled at him a few weekends before because he still hadn’t proposed and I was tired of waiting, turns out the ring had been ordered but the setting was on back order and was delayed a couple of weeks. He had planned to propose on the night I yelled at him…. oops….

    • Kate33

      not at alot of party….. should have said-”we were at a party where I met ALOT of new people” I am tired today! :)

    • Karee Santos

      I had a similar experience, where we met each other but he was the only one who remembered. Thank goodness he did!

  • Steph Foster

    We met online – despite growing up in the same town and attending rival high schools. We even graduated the same year! We talked about marriage from the beginning, that this is where the relationship was headed if we kept getting along so well :) 11 months later, he nervously and quietly, asked me to marry him while we were sitting on the couch at my parents. I tease him about it, but it was so sweet!

    • Karee Santos

      So beautiful to hear you talked about marriage from the beginning. That’s the way it should be!

  • Lisa White

    My husband worked with my former college roommate and was complaining about the lack of serious girls to date. The catch? We lived in different states. I didn’t have a computer and wasn’t willing to give a stranger my phone number, so we wrote letters for a few months. Then a couple of long distance calls before we finally met in a double date with my roommate who by this time had eloped and lived in yet a third state! He proposed in a car with steamy windows during one of my visits. After I moved to be near him there was an “official” proposal on one knee in the best restaurant in town with a ring and lovely words while ostensibly celebrating my birthday. We’ve been married 18 years and still occasionally write letters to each other.

  • Karee Santos

    That’s a whole blog post of a story! Short version is we met once crossing the street and then again at a party two years later. When he walked up to me at the party and said he remembered meeting me two years ago crossing the street, I worried that he was a stalker!! But it all turned out ok. :) Long version is here:

  • K_A_R_M

    Having been painfully shy during high school, I planned to pick one boy in each of my freshman classes at Iowa State University and practice flirting. With a 75% male student body, I figured I could mess up a few times and still have more chances. As I was scouting my prospects in English 101, Gary walked in and sat in front of me. I thought to myself “That’s the one I want!” Mrs. Buckles assigned seats in alphabetical order so we were next to each other. By the end of the quarter I wasn’t interested in anyone else. We married after our Junior year and recently celebrated our 43rd Anniversary of becoming a family. We have five grown children and six grandchildren. :)

    • Danielle Bean

      I LOVE your story KARM! Thanks so much for sharing that.

  • K_A_R_M

    Danielle, this is my favorite topic ever! I love hearing other people’s stories! And, since I composed my little tale here, I then printed it out so I can start my long awaited project of sharing stories of my life with my children/grandchildren…on paper for each of them rather than hit & miss vocally.

  • Monique Dawson

    I met my husband on a trip to Steubenville, OHIO for a young adult conference. All the people going met at a church parking lot and left in two different vans. He was in one and I was in the other. I thought he was a little weird as he blessed the vans before the trip with holy water. All the people on that trip became very good friends and it wasn’t until about a year and a half later that we started dating.

    While we were dating we often went to Pennsylvania on long weekends to visit his aunt and uncle. On one of these trips we stopped at a grotto at Our Lady of Lourdes Parish to pray for a safe journey and it was there that he proposed. This October we will be married 24 years.

  • It’s me Ty

    My husband and I went to a Catholic university. We had a few classes together but didn’t really talk until we bumped into each other at daily Mass on campus. We became friends first and then two years later, he proposed to me in front of the chapel on campus.

  • greenacres

    We met as young high school teachers in a small town in Iowa. All the other teachers had been there for at least 25 years so as the only young ones we would hang out a little like sit together at the homecoming game. In a small town where your students work in the grocery story, at every restaurant and gas station our hanging out together caused quite a bit of talk amongst the student population. In addition I was Catholic, he was Lutheran and applying for the seminary. I had decided he was the man I was going to marry, but one evening he sat me down and explained that all the students’ teasing wasn’t founded, if I had any ideas of dating him to let them go because I was Catholic and wasn’t going to change and he was Lutheran and “didn’t feel the Holy Spirit asking him to be Catholic”. However, early in the fall he took me to his garage and showed me some restored tractors that his students had been working on. Before we left he asked me if I wanted to buy a Mary statue. I asked what he was doing with a cement garden statue of Mary and he said he bought it for his elderly neighbor whose had been recently stolen. But before he could give it to her she had replaced it with a guardian angel. I told him he should keep it because he was going to need it. After six months of conversations usually ending with me saying, “so why aren’t you Catholic?”, by Easter he didn’t have a convincing answer anymore, a few weeks later we set our wedding date. He officially proposed on my birthday June 21, became Catholic on July 13, and we were married Dec 21 during Christmas break. 11 years later the Mary statue adorns our lawn surrounded by flowers planted by our 4 children and he is in formation to become a Deacon.
    As a side note, when I left college without a husband and took the teaching position I really didn’t want to take, my 90 year old grandma said to me you never know, you might marry a farmer. When I met my husband -who turned out to be a farmer with a side teaching job- I told my grandma about him but that he wasn’t Catholic. She would ask me about him over the months and at Easter when I told her he was becoming Catholic she was shocked. I tried to convince her and asked, “Well, weren’t you praying for him?” She replied thoughtfully, “Yes. But I think I asked the Carmelites in the diocese to pray for him also.” She then turned to me and asked, “So are you getting married?” And before I could answer she began announcing to every resident of the nursing home. “This is my granddaughter, she’s getting married.” My poor husband. He never stood a chance.

    • Claire

      That is an amazing story!

  • dorinda Hickey

    I met my husband our freshman year in college. He was going to school with my cousins, and I had gone to visit them over my spring break which was not their spring break. Ellen, my cousin whom I had been hanging around with that afternoon, went off with her boyfriend who would become her husband within six months. They were to return in 30 minutes to the cafeteria. Two hours later when they returned, I was talking to my husband, the only one left in the cafeteria besides me. He had been drinking, and he was eating. Even slightly inebriated, he was droll in his sense of humour. However, I found that disgusting that he was that way at 2:30. No problems. I would never see him again.

    Six months later, my other cousin, asked me to double date with his girlfriend’s brother. I had met the girlfriend, so I said sure. I had changed universities for financial reasons, and I was living with our grandparents. They arrived at our grandparent’s home, and I looked at Cathy’s brother and said, “I know you. You were drunk and gorging yourself.” He said, “But you laughed.”

    We went to a movie which no one should go to on their first date, but we made it through it. Then we went to a local burger joint. There he said something else droll, and I proceeded to spit Dr. Pepper all over him. He still asked me out again. Since he had sobered up a great deal, I enjoyed his company, and we married later. We were married 34 years when he died.

  • Julie Ann Belk

    We met in a college Physics class. He set the curve on every test, and I sat up front asking lots of questions. He offered to help me with some elevator problems I was doing. I offered to help him on an English paper. We helped each other in such a way that we each reached a higher potential working together than we did on our own. I offered to help him if he decided to transfer to UF because potential like his should not be wasted. He ended up saying, “Yes.” Now, he has reached some of his potential. The rest is up to God.

  • Megan

    My husband and I met in college. We both went to the Newman Center, but had never really met. He had been looking for someone to go dancing with. When he found out through a mutual friend of ours that I was taking a dance class, he tracked me down on Facebook and asked if I wanted to go dancing sometime. We met up a couple weeks later. We went out dancing twice that weekend and started dating not long after that. A year later, he asked me to marry him. It was a late September day. We were sitting in his room and he handed me a black velvet box with a ring inside. He looked at me and said, “Well?” (Haha, talk about a “boring” proposal) Being slow to make decisions, I told him I had to think about it. A couple days later, we were sitting at the spot where we first kissed and I told him to ask me to marry him again. This time, I said yes. It has been the best choice I have ever made. :)

  • Eli

    I was 8 years old when my sister (11years older than me) had dated with a guy who was our neighbour, they decided to marry but they had a big argument and they splited up . 10 years later I saw that guy’s brother who is 4 years older than me I hated him he was so proud after a while I saw him regulary specially in the lifter. Now I haven’t seen him for one and a half year and I miss him alot , I think He is my future husband.