What Makes a Great Mother’s Day Gift?

I have conflicted feelings about Mother’s Day. I heard a radio commercial the other day that declared that YOUR MOM DOES NOT WANT A BLENDER FOR MOTHER’S DAY. DO YOU HEAR ME? NO BLENDERS. She wants jewelry, apparently, and the jewelry store that bought the ad would be happy to help you select just the right pricey bauble to please your wife or mom.

It felt just a little materialistic and commercialized.

Commercialized or not, though, Mother’s Day is a lovely opportunity to recognize the importance of motherhood and give women the respect and recognition they deserve for all that they do. Thoughtful gifts can be a wonderful way to do just that, but all moms are not the same. Maybe your mom does want a blender, or maybe she just wants a break.

Yesterday, Jennifer Fulwiler hosted a discussion on Facebook, encouraging overwhelmed moms of young children to share what they would consider the perfect Mother’s Day gift. Not surprisingly, their answers weren’t fancy or complicated. In fact, time spent alone or away was one of the most frequently suggested gift ideas. In other words, some moms really do just want a break.

I enjoy time alone too, but with my “baby” being 8 years old, it’s not as hard to find that time as it once was. And when I think of women whose children are grown, I think that time spent WITH their kids might just top their Mother’s Day wish lists.

So I thought maybe it would be a nice idea to share some other gift ideas for moms here. What do YOU want for Mother’s Day this year? Maybe you can share what you and/or your husband are doing for your own mom or mother-in-law. Or tell us about the best Mother’s Day gift you ever received.

Inspire us! And God bless all kinds of moms!

About Danielle Bean

Danielle Bean

Danielle Bean, mother of eight, is editor-in-chief of Catholic Digest and Faith & Family. She is also author of My Cup of Tea: Musings of a Catholic Mom, Mom to Mom, Day to Day: Advice and Support for Catholic Living and (with Elizabeth Foss) Small Steps for Catholic Moms: Think. Pray. Act. Every Day

  • http://www.thepracticingcatholic.com/ Lisa Schmidt

    When Jen wrote “time alone starting at the computer,” I thought – that’s exactly what I want! :) The best gift I have received was a few years ago when my husband and a few other husbands joined together to give a few girlfriends and me a Mother’s Sabbath. They organized for us to get mani/pedis, attend Mass/Adoration, have lunch at a quaint Mexican restaurant and then dessert/coffee at another place. Then everyone gathered at our house for dinner prepared by the men. It was awesome. I hope those guys plan it again! :)

    P.S., Excellent idea for a weekly series!

  • http://sfomom.blogspot.com/ Barb S

    My oldest is 23. He is taking me out to lunch on Saturday. This involves a 45-minute drive for him to get here, then a 30-minute drive to and from Philly, where he wants to go to lunch. All his idea. I’m looking forward to it!

  • Ellen Wood

    Hubs just bought me a new car battery, because we use my car to do all the family driving and it needs to work! He’s also planning to take us – and his mom – out for a celebration lunch. I love that he’s teaching our sons meaningful and practical ways to show appreciation.

  • Claire

    Another great topic. I have no desire for a material Mother’s Day gift. I want my husband and son to pick me a bouquet of lilacs from our lilac bush, I want my son to make me a cute card, I want some time to myself, and I want some family time. And I’m reasonably sure that I will get all those things, so after many disappointing Mother’s Days, I have found my groove! But I also like your reminder that much as moms in certain seasons of life crave time alone on Mother’s Day, there are older mothers who would love to celebrate by spending time with little ones. This helps keep things in perspective.

  • Amber

    My husband and I are loading up the kids to visit my mother in law and then my mom on Mother’s day. We will continue to do that until they are no longer on earth. As for my gift, I will get some homemade stuff from the kids and my husband will bring them to buy flowers for the garden beds.

  • Monique Dawson

    All I would like for Mother’s Day is for the kids not to argue with one another and maybe, as my kids are a bit older, the evening meal and cleanup done. What I enjoy most about Mother’s Day is that all my kids are home and we go to mass all together. Having them all together is the best!

  • Julie Ann Belk

    The best gift I ever received was a homemade book from each child made in Catholic elementary school during a school quarter. Each week a new response to a question was added and decorated. The books reveal what really leaves a lasting and endearing impression on them about their childhood giving credit and thanksgiving to Mom. This year, I already got a new water heater for peace of mind. I also hope we get to go out to eat as a family and see a movie we look forward to. Spending time together is challenging as they get older unless individual schedules end at dinner time or service together as a family tradition can be enjoyably maintained through all the stages of development.

  • Sarah Letendre Morin

    It changes from year to year, as it probably should. Although I would LOVE to sleep in, let’s say until 6 am (lol) it’s not going to happen. I’m not that difficult and don’t ask for anything, maybe besides a cup of coffee. A couple of days following is my moms’s special birthday so we are surprising her that day with a 50s themed diner lunch with music and gifts for her, part of it being a scrapbook I put together about her life, the times since, and special messages from friends. We got a couple of small gifts but it’s mostly our day as the gift…we are even dressing the part :) we are not close with my mil so I usually get her something useful but not over the top as she often doesn’t appreciate the effort, unfortunately. This year a new short sleeve shirt and matching fleece top with a Christian prayer book and prayers. We take care of her, with many struggles, so I feel this is plenty (not trying to sound harsh). We offer new flowers to Mary in our prayer garden each year around this time and do a crowing at home, which to me is more important. She needs to be our focus and model for every day.

  • lofticelr

    I always feel guilty about wanting some time to myself on Mother’s Day. The children are what made me a mother. Shouldn’t I want to be with them? Any thoughts? My biggest requests are not having to do dishes, laundry, or cook dinner. I don’t need expensive gifts. I just want to know what I’m doing is appreciated and recognized every now and then.