FAQs about the Momnipotent study

I have begun hearing from women who are participating in the Momnipotent study at their parishes this summer, and I have to tell you: This is SO exciting for me! When I put together the study, I hoped that it would encourage women to connect and share with one another about the most important things in life — faith and family. Getting feedback via email, Twitter, and Facebook that tells me exactly that is going on has been so encouraging for me.

One woman who is considering using the study at her parish sent an email last week asking some important questions about the Momnipotent study. Since others might have the same kinds of questions, I thought I would post her questions and my answers here:

Is this study geared toward small groups, or can it be facilitated in a large group setting as well?

Small groups tend to encourage sharing on a more personal (and more effective) level, but there’s certainly the capability to do both, even with the same set of women! Elements of both large group sharing and small group sharing are incorporated in the study itself.

You might meet as a large group for the video, for example, and then move into small group sharing after taking time to journal and reflect, and then an additional session with the large group for each to share what they discussed in small groups, if they feel called to share. We knew different parishes would have different needs with regard to group size and so we designed the study to be flexible with group numbers.

I see this as an opportunity to bring the public school & Catholic school moms together. While I see that there is cultural diversity among the moms in the DVD, are they from various economic, and faith backgrounds? This is a concern since our parish demographic runs the gamut.

What a beautiful initiative! The moms gathered in the DVDs are, yes, from a variety of economic backgrounds. Though all are Catholic, their experiences of the faith are not “cookie-cutter” and they each have unique perspectives and insights to offer that can speak to all women who honestly just want to be good moms! If non-Catholics are mixed in with Catholics in the group, the tone and style of the program would never, we hope, cause any woman to feel isolated. We very intentionally created the program to be as approachable as possible, for any woman.

Could you tell me the age range of the moms in the DVD?

Don’t ask, don’t tell! ;) Without knowing all of their exact ages, I’d say the youngest DVD participant was about 30 and the oldest was an empty nester. We wanted the kind of diversity of perspective you can only get with a range of ages.

To whom is the study primarily aimed (young moms, married moms, etc.)?

I would say from the mom with her first infant to the one with an empty nest. Being a Mom never ends! Moms of all kinds are around the table in the video component – new moms, experienced moms, adoptive moms, single moms, moms who have lost children, moms with many children, and moms of smaller families. I hope (and believe!) this is a program every mom can relate to.

How would empty nesters benefit from this study?

The study is, admittedly, probably going to offer more to the mom still in the trench warfare zone of motherhood. An empty nester, though, would benefit from much of the discussion about how motherhood is a vocation, no matter the stage of life. There are some lovely conversations on spiritual motherhood and the feminine genius that would be a source of encouragement for any woman of any age.

For a sneak peek at some of the content of the study and to get a “feel” for its tone, check out the video trailer.

If you are still wondering if the Momnipotent study will be a good fit for you and the women of your parish, there’s good news! You can order a 45-day risk-free review copy of the entire study. And now you might have just run out of excuses … We look forward to supporting you as you encourage and inspire the women of your parish with the Momnipotent study!

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Danielle Bean

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