Day 120

120 Days to Momnipotent is over! Congratulations! You made it! Here we are! 120 days! Are you momnipotent yet? Yeah, me neither. But isn’t that the point? Being a mom is a lifelong vocation, not a checklist (as much as… Read More →

Day 119

We are nearing the end of our Momnipotent journey here with the 120 Day Challenge. I plan to continue blogging here and determine how best to use this space in a way to connect with and meet the needs of… Read More →

Day 118

I have always had a problem with media (whether it be magazines or morning shows) that attempts to pit women against one another. Stay-at-home moms vs. working moms, who’s the best? In my experience, it just never is that simple,… Read More →

Day 117

I recently heard from a mom whose family was in the process of welcoming her father-in-law, who had recently become quote ill, into her home. Between her husband, small children, and new responsibilities caring for an aging parent, she was… Read More →

Day 116

John Paul II will be canonized tomorrow! He was widely loved and adored by Catholics and non-Catholics alike. He especially cherished the “feminine genius” and promoted the dignity of women. Here is something he once said about the mystery of… Read More →

Day 115

We moms do a lot of things. We clean, sweep, wipe, wash, scrub, bake, fold, mix, pour, tidy, straighten, soothe, pat, comb, stack, hug, hold, nurse, rub, buckle, zip, change, tie, drive, and smooch … sometimes all before lunchtime. But… Read More →

Day 114

Add this story to the “Not Surprising But Darn Pretty Pathetic” file: More Young Women Choosing Dogs Over Motherhood I like our dog, alright, and we are looking forward to getting a new puppy this spring, but come on. Some… Read More →

Day 113

In Momnipotent, one of the questions in the review quiz for chapter 5, Mothering and Smothering, is “True or False? — I sometimes dread the future, when my children will grow up and leave me.” It’s normal to have mixed… Read More →

Day 112

Most of us are familiar with the Dove Real Beauty campaign of viral videos. Do you like them? I have found many of them to eye-opening and revealing about the nature of how women perceive their physical selves (often in… Read More →

Day 111

In the newly-released book Momnipotent, I share some quick True/False quizzes at the end of each chapter. At the end of chapter 4, Perfect, Schmerfect, one of the questions is: “When I meet a new female friend, one of things… Read More →