Do ‘nice moms’ irk you?

I love Elizabeth Foss. I am honored to call her a friend. In particular, I have always admired her natural, nurturing, motherly instincts. Those instincts were shining brightly on Facebook yesterday where she invited a discussion of this column by… Read More →

Every Woman is Someone

You might have seen this image making the rounds on Facebook over the weekend, in part as a response to the misogynistic message of Elliot Rodgers, the gunman in last Friday’s tragic shooting in California. (The source of the image… Read More →

How do you feed your marriage?

Are you feeding your marriage today? And by feeding, I mean are you giving it time? You do know that’s what marriages thrive and grow on, don’t you? TIME. TOGETHER. I have this fresh in my mind because Dan I… Read More →

Hope After Miscarriage?

I just received the sad news that a friend’s daughter had a miscarriage yesterday. On Mother’s Day. This really weighs heavy on my heart this morning. My friend is feeling helpless in the face of her daughter’s loss and looking… Read More →

Day 120

120 Days to Momnipotent is over! Congratulations! You made it! Here we are! 120 days! Are you momnipotent yet? Yeah, me neither. But isn’t that the point? Being a mom is a lifelong vocation, not a checklist (as much as… Read More →

Day 119

We are nearing the end of our Momnipotent journey here with the 120 Day Challenge. I plan to continue blogging here and determine how best to use this space in a way to connect with and meet the needs of… Read More →