The Importance of Just Being

I am writing this from the airport. After a week full of travels that took me across all the way the country to Oregon, to the Catholic Digest offices in Connecticut, and the offices of Catechist and Today’s Catholic Teacher… Read More →

Are all women called to be mothers?

St. John Paul II says: “Motherhood is a woman’s vocation, yesterday, today, always. It is her eternal vocation. A mother is the one who understands everything and embraces each of us with her heart. Today’s world is hungrier than ever… Read More →

Are you beautiful?

How would you answer this question if a stranger asked you on the street? Check out women’s reactions to being asked “Are you beautiful?” in this clip from the Momnipotent study. Are you beautiful? How would you answer this question… Read More →

FAQs about the Momnipotent study

I have begun hearing from women who are participating in the Momnipotent study at their parishes this summer, and I have to tell you: This is SO exciting for me! When I put together the study, I hoped that it… Read More →

Why Breastfeeding Always Makes the News

Have you noticed that we can’t let a couple of months go by in this country without breastfeeding making the news? Either a mom is super-irate that she’s been kicked out of an all-breasts-all-the-time-as-long-as-they-are-sexualized kind of retailer for the crime… Read More →

How did you meet your husband?

Well, here’s a romantic proposal story. Whenever these kinds of stories make the news, I have to recall the post Ann Voskamp wrote a while ago, about boring proposals, “boring men,” and the women who love them. I think there… Read More →

10 Ways to Give the Internet a Soul

Do you remember four years ago when, in a message on mass communication, Pope Benedict XVI challenged Catholics to “give the Internet a soul?” Do you participate much in online discussions, in blogs or on Facebook and twitter? I love… Read More →

Ready for a BORED summer?

I keep bumping into this sign on Facebook and Pinterest these days. Could it be that moms are preparing themselves for that dreaded whine “I’m booooooooored!!!” this summer? I happen to be one of those mean moms who believes kids… Read More →