Is being a mother what you thought it would be? The exhaustion, monotony, mounting unfinished projects, loss of a sense of self…Too many moms feel disillusioned and overwhelmed. Many moms quietly resign themselves to the idea that peace, happiness, and joy are things they will need to find in spite of motherhood, not because of it.

Journey with a diverse group of women as they discuss real issues that moms face every day…


Momnipotent validates the dignity and importance of motherhood and will help you recognize your uniquely feminine strengths and see how you can use those strengths to find peace, balance, and joy in being the woman God created and called you to be.


Praise for Momnipotent

Momnipotent offers practical and honest encouragement to every mom who finds herself in the trenches of domestic life…you’ll find comfort in knowing you’re not alone.
Crystalina Evert, Speaker, Author, and Founder of Women Made New

You’ll see yourself your struggles, your fears, your insecurities, and your desires. You’ll also find wise guidance for overcoming those struggles, realizing those desires, and becoming the woman God made you to be.
Emily Stimpson, Author of These Beautiful Bones: An Everyday Theology of the Body

In true Danielle Bean fashion, this is a balm for the weary mother’s soul.
Hallie Lord, Blogger, Editor and Author of Style, Sex, and Substance

You’ll feel like your best friend is sitting across from you at the kitchen table, sharing a cup of your favorite hot beverage, and you’ll come away changed and heartened.
Sarah Reinhard, Author of The Catholic Mother’s Companion to Pregnancy and